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"This testimonial should have been written a long time ago because I would recommend Dr. Wertel to anyone who needs chiropractic care. Through the years, he has helped me recover from several painful conditions: first, a hip problem, then a lower back problem, shoulder pain, and a dislocated rib. Dr. Wertel explains his treatment plan and gives full directions for any exercises he prescribes. I have not had to wait a long time for a scheduled appointment; nor has he ever kept me waiting when I get to his office. Also, his office staff is pleasant and helpful. Dr. Wertel's calm, professional care instills confidence. He sees me as an individual and often asks me about my interests. My experiences at his office have all been positive and successful. For chiropractic care, I will continue to choose and recommend Dr. Wertel!"

- B.F.

"I had sustained neck and shoulder injuries from an automobile accident. I had been taking medication, which offered little relief. The pain persisted, spasms increased, anxiety controlled my every movement.

In desperation, I spoke with my family Doctor, who referred me to Dr. Wertel. On my first visit, Dr. Wertel explained to me in detail every procedure. He made me aware of x-rays that told me the extent of my injuries. I was greatly impressed by the comfort and care, the patience of this man. He took every precaution to ease my pain and instructed me constantly.

Upon subsequent visits, his knowledge and artistic skill led me through treatments and exercises to strengthen my damaged tissue and bone.

Dr. Wertel, he healed the pain, he ended the suffering and he restored the body!

I am proud to reccommend this doctor of chiropractic care, a professional in his field.


- R

"Dr. Wertel is a great Chiropracter. I have on occasions sought his expertise myself. I have the greatest respect for him and would recommend him for anyone to be treated. He has helped me with back and neck pain in the past."

- DH

"Jerry is a great chiropractor! Since I have been using him I have felt much better. My neck, back, hands and knees have all benefited from his expertise."

- EC

Did you feel safe in this provider's care?

Was this provider argumentative or easily angered?
Not at all, they were one of the kindest, most attentive individuals I've ever met

Did the chiropractor update you about the progression of your recovery at each appointment?
Definitely! They made an extra effort to keep me well infor

Are you going to visit this provider again?
Without a doubt!

Does this provider maintain a professional appearance?
Absolutely! You can tell that he/she really makes an effort to look professional
Reviews from Wellness Center

"My wife and I have been going to Dr. Wertel for the last 4 years, and area always satisfied. My wife has back issues and goes in approximately once a month to get adjusted, and since she has begun incorporating working out along with her treatment, she has been able to reduce the frequency of visits. I have a spot in my upper back that gives me grief every 4-6 months, and one trip to Dr. Wertel typically gets the job done. Go in for an adjustment, and I'm pain free after a couple days. Recently, I had the pain in the same location, only much worse this time. I went to a different chiro because I was hurting bad, and Dr. Wertel was closed that day. Five days later the pain was still there, so I made the trip to Dr. Wertel, and I'm glad I did. Adjustments on Wednesday and Friday cleared up the pain nearly completely by the following Tuesday. Dr. Wertel truly cares about his patients, and will spend the time to ensure you're well taken care of and understand what's going on."

"Dr Wertel is great, I have been going for 3 years he adjusts the problem and gets me back to where i need to be."

Reviews from Rate MDS

"Dr. Wertel always knows how to correct the pain I have. Several weeks ago I had horrible pain to the point I thought I would have to go to the hospital. Not only did he correct the problem but gave me exercises to follow at home. Not only does he know how to correct the pain but addresses stress and allergies but gives you suggestions you can do to alleviate the pain. I visit Dr. Wertel once or twice a month in order to manage pain and refrain from excessive pain medicine. Trust me, it works. Dr. Wertel tops in my book."

- SP

"Dr. Wertel has been my chiropractor for two years now. I have a lot of back pain episodes where I need to be seen almost immediately. Dr. Wertel is a very kind person, and always finds a way to squeeze me in, even when it's an inconvenience. In addition, he is an extremely skilled chiropractor and does a thorough adjustment, making sure to especially treat the issues at hand. I would recommend Dr. Wertel to anyone seeking a new chiropractic relationship."

- AB

"I had back pain for years before I went to see Dr. Wertel - he helped me immensely! I see him every time I need an adjustment, he is great, and can fit patients in very quickly. Thanks Dr. Wertel!"

- JH

"Dr. Wertel was extremely informative and pleasant for my visits to his office. His staff was very friendly and treated me like I was their number one priority. I was surprised to find when I came to his office that I didn't have to wait to be serviced. He really helped me with my back and neck pain and he worked with me even though I am uninsured. I would definitely see him again!!!"
- Anonymous

Reviews from Google Reviews

"This is a good chiropractor. Dr. Wertel is very friendly and his staff as well. I have only been going a few times but always feel better after I am adjusted and all. I would recommend this place to others as well! Try him you will like it."

- TF

Reviews from Yelp Reviews

"Enjoyed my first appointment yesterday at Dr. Wertel's office. I didn't wait to see him and he was soley focused on me during the appointment. I was shocked when he told me the estimated treatment time; you can tell he wants to heal people and not just keep booking them for "steady business." Unfortunately he is a Packers fan, but if you can overlook that I'd highly recommend his practice."

- MR

"Dr. Wertel was extremely informative and pleasant for my visits to his office. His staff was very friendly and treated me like I was their number one priority. I was surprised to find when I came to his office that I didn't have to wait to be serviced. He really helped me with my back and neck pain and he worked with me even though I am uninsured. I would definitely see him again!!"

- HT

"Dr. Wertel is one of the best chiropractors I have ever gone to. He knows what he is doing and does it very well. He listens to me and has helped me with more than one problem. His staff is friendly and helps me when need"

- BD

"Dr. Wertel has provided excellent care. I came to him with persistent low back pain and after 4-5 consecutive visits with him I felt a huge improvement. With his adjustments and suggestions I have been able to stay pain free for months on end. I was very happy with the treatment I received and would recommend him to anyone that needs a good chiropractor. His office staff is professional and friendly as well."

- GB

"Dr. Wertel is a great Chiropractor! Yes, I said great! I have been seeing chiropractors for some 40+ years and Dr. Wertel has been the best one to date. He is very up front with me and with what I need to do to get better. I was having severe pain in my neck, arms and hands that kept me up at night or woke me from a sound sleep. Some Drs. thought it was carpal tunnel syndrome and wanted to do surgery. Although I do have some signs of carpal tunnel I really didn't believe that was my problem and neither did Dr. Wertel. After a few adjustments he knew that I needed something other than what he was doing. He took some x-rays of my neck, found out what the real problem was and recommended therapy and suggested that I see an orthopedic doctor if the pain continued. He knew right away that simple adjustments weren't going to help. Long story short, I had to have surgery to remove and replace a plug between disc 4 and 5, I am now pain free. Dr. Wertel doesn't take unnecessary x-rays, he knows when they are needed, nor does he tell you that you have to come back if he doesn't find it necessary and believe me he knows, he leaves the decision up to you. When I feel I need to see him, I make and appointment. Dr. Wertel is there to help relieve your pain and to help make you feel better. I would recommend Dr. Wertel to any and everyone. I even take my grandsons, who are just 8 and 10 years old. They tell me how good they feel after Dr. Wertel gives them an adjustment, it even helps their attitude because when you're in pain you're not always a nice person, trust me I know. I trust Dr. Wertel explicitly."

- BH

"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Your skills worked wonders on the pain level I was going through. I won't hesitate to set an appointment at some time. I'm a believer now! Keep up the good work!"

- D

"I am writing you this letter to thank you for adjusting my back. My visit to you was the first time I have ever been to a chiropractor. I appreciate that you explained the procedure every step of the way. My back is completely healed. I will highly recommend you to anyone in need of chiropractic care. Thank You Again."

- MW

"I am a marathon runner that began having lower leg pain in June 2001. I was unable to run for 3 weeks due to the pain. I tried to treat myself with rest, ice and anti-inflammatory medications. When I returned to running, I reduced both the distance and speed at which I ran yet the pain persisted. I was finally forced to seek medical help. I went to see an orthopedic surgeon. He ran several tests including an MRI of my leg and back and an EMG/NCV of my leg. The MRI of my back showed 2 mildly bulging discs of the surgeon referred me to Dr. Wertel. I was very skeptical to say the least and I really didn't think my leg pain stemmed from my back. I am a physical therapist and had never seen a chiropractor before, nor did I envision myself ever seeing one. The surgeon seemed to feel confident that Dr. Wertel could help, so putting my trust in the surgeon's advice, I scheduled an appointment with him. Dr. Wertel did a very thorough evaluation of my musculoskeletal system. Although I was referred to him for my leg pain he also asked if I was having any back pain. So he proceeded to treat my back and my leg. He explained how and why back and leg pain are often connected. He discovered a joint in my lower legs was not moving the normal way it should be and he treated this joint as well as my lower back. He also adjusted my foot, which helped my leg and low back pain. I have had excellent results! Since seeing Dr. Wertel. I was able to train for and finish the St. Louis Marathon. I live each day caring for my children with a pain free back! I tell everyone I know how chiropractic treatment helped me. I even asked Dr. Wertel to do a lecture at my running club."

- L

"Two months ago I was hit by a car walking across the street. In the hospital they gave me morphine, fentanyl and oxycontin. Once I was released I had a month's supply of oxycontin. When that wore off, my back stung so badly that I didn't want to roll over in bed or reach for anything. After four treatments with Dr. Wertel, I feel no back pain! You can imagine how pleased I am.

- WG