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Thank You Letters

January 10, 2013

Dr. Wertel,

My life was changed for the better the moment I stepped into your office. Let me go back.

For approximately 5 years or more, before I saw you, I had pains in both my legs and my lower back. When I mentioned this to my attending physician at the time he attributed it to "old age" and related that pain had to be expected. I then changed physicians because every step I took was agony. I had pain while sitting down, when changing positions and when standing. When sleeping I woke up several times a night due to muscle spasms.

Physician #2 ordered x-rays and an MRI. The results showed that I had nerve compression in my back that travelled down my leg along with Arthritis. This diagnosis was followed by Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Manipulation therapy and NSAID medications. I do believe I had most of the meds recommended for this condition, as every few weeks I had a new med. None of them gave me relief. I complained of numbness in my left foot. A test was ordered to check blood circulation in my legs. The Dr. recommended that I take a blood thinner as the circulation in my left leg was the problem. With this new medication the numbness went up to the calf in my leg. I called the doctor and made him aware of my discomfort. He said he would get back to me after he researched my condition further. I was resigned to the fact that for the rest of my life I would have to deal with pain.

One day while talking to my daughter I told her about my problems. She related that you treated her for back problems and she obtained relief. She then suggested that perhaps you could help me. The first time I saw you, you listened to my story. You made me aware that you did not prescribe medication and that you would treat me four times to see if my symptoms were relieved. You also mentioned that if I did not get relief after these treatments you would refer me to someone else. Needless to say that is when my life began to change. Your treatment eased the pain considerably. I remember when I walked into your office I had foot pain, when I walked out the pain was gone. You gave me a list of exercises to help my condition, which I do faithfully. The exercises on the flexi-ball were simple and they did the trick. I really don't know how to thank you. I am pain free 90% of the time. I can stand; I can walk without discomfort, and even sleeping much better. I can't do "gangnam styte" yet, but I am working on it. Thanks to your treatment methods you made a difference in my life and I recommend you to everyone I meet.